Inside the Bottle: If You Ask Me…

A little while back I was asked if I would like to take part in a feature, unfortunately this didn’t go ahead as things don’t always go to plan… however, I have been thinking about those questions and my answers recently, so I got in touch and asked if I could share what I had written. Many thanks to Dominic Roskrow for the questions and allowing me to post them here now…

These were from a while ago, but my thoughts and responses remain as they were given, though some might differ if I were asked them again today...

So here goes:

Please tell me about yourself; age, background, sort of person you are:

I’m Sarah, I’m 47 years young and I have lived in the North East of Scotland since 1981. Prior to that I lived in the North East of…

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Fifty something, nothing in life beats a fantastic dram in equally fantastic company!! Wife, mother and friend.

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