Lovely piece.


I guess this is kind of whisky related, in as much as I was pondering these thoughts below as I took myself for a walk on New Year’s Day.

I went and sat by the river and poured a Jura 21 year old, I raised my glass to absent friends and loved ones…(you know who I mean, the people who are there for you.)

And I sat and thought about all the little moments that made me smile the last couple of years…and I reckon we should all make time to sit and reflect on the good that still exists out there.

Anyway. Earlier today I posted this elsewhere and I thought I’d share it here too (though in both cases with some slight trepidation.)

This whisky journey I’ve dipped my toes in and the people I have met, well it can be a lovely community to be a part…

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Fifty something, nothing in life beats a fantastic dram in equally fantastic company!! Wife, mother and friend.

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